Summary of Courses

If you are looking at our menu of courses puzzled as to which one might be suitable for you, first read the summary of each course below, before clicking on your chosen course for more details:

Power Kiting Lessons – An introduction to kite flying and brilliant fun!

Kite Landboarding – Moving on from powerkiting to being pulled along the beach on an offroad skateboard.

Kite Buggying – Initially learning to fly the power kites and then using them to pull yourself along the beach in a 3 wheeled cart. Ideal gift idea.

Kitesurfing – BKSA Affiliated Lessons

Kitesurfing 1 day taster course – An introduction to the sport covering the basics of kite flying. Involves loads of practical and epic fun but doesn’t cover board starts.

Kitesurfing 2 day course – A good introduction to the sport continuing from the 1st day, spending most of the time in the water and introducing the board.

Kitesurfing 3 day course – Continuing from the 2 day course but practicing board starts, controlled riding, turns and stops.

5 Day ‘Zero to Hero’ Kitesurfing – A course aimed for those really aiming to get into kitesurfing, starting from the beginning but covering a substantial amount.

Board Control – For those who have completed a 2 or 3 day course or similar, that are aiming to board start under control, continue runs and introduce turns.

Coaching – Advanced courses for kitesurfers looking to perfect techniques or learn new tricks.

Private tuition – The optimum way to learn any of our sports, ideal for those with limited time or looking for a tailor made course.

8 week training course –  Intensive course taking you from a beginner to fully qualified powerkite, kite buggy & landboard, kitesurf and SUP instructor.

Other courses

Stand Up Paddleboarding – A new and exciting sport using a high volume type surf board in a standing position with a paddle to propel you. Cruise down rivers or ride the waves

Surfing – An introduction to surfing covering paddling techniques, wave catching and riding the white water.

Wakeboarding – The lessons use the power of the boat to introduce either riding a board beside or behind a boat. Perfect for improving board control or general enjoyment. Skiing also available.

Snowkiting – Learn to ride all around the mountain in the beautiful Italian Alps, we will be running a couple of trips out here throughout the winter but why not go yourself too. no kite experience necessary. Great for complete beginners to those advanced and wanting to learn tricks and jumps.

Instructor training courses – Become an instructor of these amazing sports!!