Kitesurfing Lessons at Greatstone

In addition to teaching at Camber Sands, The Kitesurf Centre also teaches lessons at Greatstone, Kent. Even bigger than Kite Beach, it offers 10 miles of sand and an almost unlimited space for kitesurfing.

The Beach

Kitesurfing greatstone

Greatstone beach is one of the largest beaches in the area, with a flat expanse of sand up a mile wide at low tide, is well sheltered by the Dungeness peninsula, making it a fantastic location for beginners attempting their board starts and advanced riders wanting to practise freestyle tricks.

Whilst these conditions make it the ideal place for kitesurfing, the most important benefit of The Kitesurf Centre being licensed to teach at Greatstone is that it means lessons can run in Northerly wind directions that are offshore at Camber.

When to Use Greatstone

The prevailing winds on the peninsula are southwesterly, meaning that the majority of lessons are taught at Camber Sands.

However, when the wind is blowing from a Northerly direction, the wind is then onshore at Greatstone so lessons run there. With just a 15 minute drive between the two beaches the school can run lessons even with short notice wind changes.

Greatstone beach is also great when there is less time between high tide and sunrise / sunset, as you can kite at there just 1.5 hours either side of high tide as opposed to the 2.5 hours needed at Camber.

Kitebuggy Lessons at Greatstone

landboarding at greatstone

With such a wide area of sand at low tide (it can be a thirty minute walk from the top of the beach to the shoreline), Greatstone is the perfect location for kitebuggying and landboarding lessons.

As a much less well-know beach than Camber, even on the busiest summer days when thousands of tourists visit the area there is plenty of room for lessons.

Learn to Kitesurf at Greatstone

The Kitesurf Centre is located at Camber Sands, just a 15 minute drive from Greatstone beach. Lessons are held at there when the wind is offshore at Camber, or if conditions there are preferable due to waves / tide states.

With regular transport to the East Sussex and Kent area, and easy connections to London via Ashford International, both are great locations to learn kiting if you’re based in the South East.

Find more about the range of lessons available here.