Kitesurfing lessons at Greatstone & Littlestone beaches

We chose these beaches in Kent for our kitesurfing school due to the the excellent conditions they offer but also the infrastructure allowing easy access from areas such as London and Brighton.

Greatstone beach is enormous! The photo below illustrates just a tiny representation of the 10 miles of sand available and almost unlimited space for kitesurfing. At times the tide can be up to 1km away leaving us huge expanses of sand to practice on and enjoy kite landboarding and buggying.

Littlestone and Greatstone beach offer a safe sandy learning environment with shallow, wave free seas.


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Kitesurfing School Greatstone

Our kitesurfing school is based right on Camber Sands beach just over 10 Kitesufing School Greatstoneminutes from Greatstone. For full details on kite zones and beach access at Greatstone / Littlestone please view our local beach guide.


We are within a special protected area or ‘SPA’ in the South East. Due to this protection our picturesque beaches have not only been rated ‘blue flag’ because of the cleanliness but have also recently been voted one of the top 10 most beautiful locations in the UK by the website ‘Multimap’.


Learn to Kitesurf in Greatstone near Lydd and Dymchurch

Learn to Kitesurf Greatstone

Learning to Kitesurf with an instructor who is enthusiastic and experienced in good learning conditions and using new, safe kitesurfing equipment can actually be a lot easier than it seems. We at The Kitesurf Centre in the South East offer all of these and pride ourselves with amongst the most experienced and highly regarded instructors in the UK, all of which are BKSA Senior instructors or BKSA National trainers.

Having a professional instructor by your side really makes the kitesurfing lessons fun and rewarding.

Please view our previous student’s feedback and comments regarding our instructors and company.

It’s easy to learn kitesurfing, anyone can do it!

Many of you previous kitesurfing students have thought they were too unfit, too inflexible, too old, overweight, or couldnt swim far enough to learn the sport, however they were all pleasantly surprised and especially found that the initial stages of learning to kitesurf were easier than they thought.

We often have students over 60 and our oldest is 72! Learning kitesurfing is less strenuous or tiring than other similar sports, so you dont need as much physical fitness or flexibility. During the kitesurfing lessons, we very rarely go beyond chest deep water and every student is supplied with all the equipment needed including a helmet, buoyancy aid, harness, wetsuit boots and a thick,warm wetsuit; all of which we have in many sizes from XXS to XXXL.