Course duration – 2 hours

Power kiting or traction kiting is a great introduction into the world of all the other kite sports as well as being great fun in itself!

Learning to fly the kite is a very satisfying process and extremely thrilling, you will soon be hooked and wanting to be pulled across the beach by a bigger, more powerful kite.

This introductory course takes you right from the beginning with a short theory session about the wind and weather, equipment, safety and the wind window; all in the comfort of our centre’s classroom.

After that we go out onto the beach and we can start to use the kites!

Power Kite Lessons Kentpowerkite

The Fun part!  Into the air and go powerkiting!

Initially covering the set up procedure and safety release system – (this instantly removes all the kite’s power), before moving onto the launching, landing and relaunching, bar control and steering the kite within the ‘wind window’.

Next, flying the small trainer kite and understanding the wind window,  you will learn to control and move it around confidently. As you build up your flying skills we can start to introduce the power and pull then really have fun! As progression occurs we offer the option to use larger power kites to further increase the pull and the thrill.

During the powerkite lessons you will be using small powerkites often referred to as foil, ram air or traction kite. We have an extensive range of sizes from 0.6m to 6m allowing us to teach safely in nearly any wind condition. The kites we use are forgiving making your learning curve quicker and more fun!

Why not include kite buggyinglandboarding or a combination of both with the powerkiting?

All equipment, including safety is supplied in the powerkite lessons

Bring a study pair of shoes, sunglasses, sun cream and warm clothing if it is cold.

Suitable for all ages from 7-8+

Post lesson discount vouchers for equipment we offer are available