Black Witch Neoprene repair glue – quick dry

Black Witch Neoprene Repair Glue

Black Witch Neoprene repair glue – Is a black liquid adhesive which can quickly glue rips, splits, un-stitched seams or other damage in your wetsuit. Repairing them fast on the beach or where ever you are, with or without a patch, allowing you back in the water in just a few minutes.

This quick drying black neoprene based contact adhesive is a must have addition to a kit bag if you are a surfer, body boarder, kitesurfer, windsurfer diver, sailor, angler etc. Ideal for repairing anything made from neoprene, but works on many other fabrics and materials too.

Comes in a 28ml (1oz) Tube.

Black Witch neoprene repair glue is great for small splits and tears in neoprene material and seams. For large repairs using big wetsuit patches to reinforce the wetsuit we recommend using Stormsure Repair Glue.

How to use

  • Ensure material is clean, grease free and dry.
  • Apply a thin layer of neoprene glue to both sides and allow to dry for 3 minutes.
  • When touch dry, carefully align then press the two sides together.
  • Hold firmly in place for a minute.

Take a look at this video about how to repair your wetuit using Black Witch glue