McNett Wet & Dry Suit Shampoo


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Wet & Dry Suit Shampoo

Wet & Dry Suit Shampoo by McNett removes salt, chlorine, odours & organic residue while special disinfectant & conditioning agents preserve & extend your equipment’s life. Use on your wetsuit & drysuit, scuba equipment, swim & water ski wear and marine wear.

Leaving your wetsuit salty from the sea seriously reduces its life span and also its stretch, cleaning it with Mc Nett wetsuit shampoo will take it back to how it was when it was new and allow it to stay stretchy and comfortable for years.

Complete, scientifically balanced maintenance system for all neoprene wetsuits & watersports gear. Leaves wetsuits and drysuits free of organic residue, chlorine & salt deposits.


How to Use

Mix 15ml of McNett Wetsuit Shampoo per 4L of water. Wash the item by hand and rinse thoroughly in fresh water. For heavily soiled areas, clean with full strength solution and rinse well after to remove any detergent.


Ways to preserve your wetsuit

  • Wash after every use to remove salt and sweat
  • Do not urinate in your wetsuit
  • Do not leave in the sun
  • Do not hang wetsuit by its shoulders, fold it in half through the hanger
  • Store the wetsuit dry
  • Follow the instructions in our guide “How to look after your wetsuit”