Phix Doctor Dura Rez 1oz

Phix Doctor Dura Rez 1oz

Save your session or holiday! – Dura Rez is super useful to keep with you to mend your board and forms an extremely strong repair

Dura Rez by Phix Doctor is the ultimate all in one ding repair resin. It is a fibre filled ding solution which cures in only 2-3 minutes* and fixes both Polyester and Epoxy surfboards! Dura Rez is non-yellowing and is the only product of this kind on the market that can boast an endless shelf life! The durable tube also comes with three sheets of sandpaper, a clear magnifier sheet to allow the resin to be moulded for a super clean repair and two mixing/applying sticks.

Phix Doctor Dura Rez 1oz ding repair kit contains:

  • Fibre Filled, UV sun cure resin (1.0 oz / 30 ml)
  • Works on Both Poly and Epoxy boards
  • Cures in only 2-3 minutes*
  • Endless shelf life
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Comes with 3 sheets of sandpaper, 2 magnifier sheets and 2 mixing sticks

* To achieve such curing times a plastic cover must be used in order to block oxygen intake, which promotes a fast 2 minute cure.

How to Use

  • Remove any dirt and loose fragments and dry the area.
  • In the shade, apply a thin layer of Dura Rez to cover the area of the ding. Maximum thickness 6mm.
  • Cover the wet resin with the plastic sheet provided in the pack. Smooth out any air bubbles from the resin and tape the plastic sheet in place (tape not provided).
  • Move to direct sunlight or UV curing light. On especially hot days, cure the resin in 10 second intervals of sun and shade.
  • Curing times:
      • Full sun – 10 second gel, 1 minute full cure
      • Partial sun – 20 second gel, 2 minute full cure
      • Cloudy – 30 second gel, 4 minute full cure