2017 Mystic Diva Ladies Waist Harness


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2017 Mystic Diva with Specialised Female Shape, Multi-Use, Anatomical back support, Multi Banana bar / Low Torque fixation


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2017 Mystic Diva Ladies Waist Harness

The Mystic Diva Ladies Harness is one of the best selling female specific harnesses from Mystic! It fits really well with a specialized female shape, anatomical backplate and molded foam. Constructed with soft neoprene that offers a more comfortable fit and prevents rash while riding with no wetsuit. Combing the advantages of thermo molding, the mould is fitted with bending lines to let the harness adapt to the continuous altering of the human body. Spreaderbar protector pad reduces pressure on the chest and stomach and helps prevent injury and gives an extreme soft feel. All this comfort will keep you more on the water for longer sessions! . The Mystic Diva just looks amazing, offering premium back support and lots of comfort!

Multi hook | Banana bar | 4 point fixation

Two symmetric webbing traingles set up fixating the spreaderbar. Combination of two 25mm webbings and two Mystic ladder buckles. Custom tension possible. Compatible with the clickerbar.


The Mystic Diva Waist Harness is and has:

  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Spreader protector
  • Including knife
  • Anatomical back support
  • Covered side parts
  • Double power leash ring
  • HP system included
  • Spreader down system
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • Key pocket
  • Extreme soft feel
  • Multi Banana barĀ – 4 point fixation
  • Specialized Female Shape


  • Pink
  • Teal


The Mystic Diva Waist Harness comes in the following sizes:

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L

Unsure of your size? You can check out Mystic’s harness size chart here. The best way to check whether the Mystic Diva Waist Harness is the right choice for you is to come and try one on. We stock many harnesses in our beach shop at Camber and have a chicken loop set up so you can try the harness on and feel how it will feel with the pull of the kite.

Read our handy guide on how to look after your harness here.




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