2019 Mystic Legend Mens 5/3 FrontZip Wetsuit


The 2019 Mystic Legend is the proud leader of the Mystic wetsuit range.


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2019 Mystic Legend Mens 5/3 FrontZip Wetsuit

The 2019 Mystic Legend is the proud leader of the Mystic wetsuit range which has been re-designed and is packed with the best materials and features. The 100% M-Flex 2.0, stretch taping and ultra-lightweight foam makes sure the suit stays very light and super flexible. Adding a unique quick dry lining which will not only dry faster but keeps the water out longer therefore maintaining your body temperature creating an insulating shell, you have a winner wetsuit.

This season Mystic presents two 5/3 Legend wetsuits, both with a power seam construction, which takes the wetsuit to the next level by preventing water coming in at all the seams around the wetsuits. In addition to the ‘normal’ 5/3 wetsuit, Mystic presents the hooded Legend wetsuit, equipped with a hood attached to the neck. Together with the power seams, the hood makes sure the water has no chance of entering the suit and cooling you down. Finally, the angle of the zipper has been changed for the easiest possible entry.  The Legend is made for the rider who wants to stand out from the rest of the pack. Be legendary with the all-new Legend!


M-Flex 2.0 (100%)

The most flexible neoprene in our range. M-Flex 2.0 updated with even better stretch and flex properties.

Quick dry lining on chest, back & lower body

You don’t need to put on a ‘WET’ wetsuit anymore. The structure of the neoprene makes the suit drain easier.


Power seamed outside

The power seam is applied on the outside of the seam, and increases its strength and waterproofness!

Waterproof stretch taping inside

A high durable taping used inside the suit to avoid leaking and keep it flexible and warm.

Mesh neoprene chest panel

Closed cell neoprene with one side of fabric lamination. The outside of the mesh neoprene offers a better protection against wind chill.

Fine Mystic zip

The fine overlapping teeth create a smooth and tight closure while maintaining the flexible capabilities of the wetsuit. The strong metal puller with the rubber fingergrip enables an easy handling.

Glideskin neck construction

The reduced thickness of the neck construction makes it easier for the neoprene to follow the curves of the neck with less pressure. The neoprene feels like a second skin and the glideskin inner lining enables an excellent water closure.


Silicone printing which forms a barrier, preventing water from entering your suit.

4-way stretch kneepads

The kneepads are made of a 4way Super-tex fabric. This is a durable fabric designed for protection.

Velcro ankle closure straps (included)

Velcro ankle straps to tighten the leg cuffs.

Non slip cuffs

The cuff is designed to limit the water entry and keep the sleeve in place.

Key pocket

External neoprene key pocket, positioned on the lower leg of the wetsuit.


Perforated neoprene that allows water to exit the wetsuit, preventing the leg cuffs from filling up with water.




The Legend wetsuit is available in the following sizes:

S  MS  M  MT  LS  L  LT  XL  XXL

Unsure of your size? You can check out Mystic’s wetsuit size chart here.

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