Airush red safety line – low V


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Airush red safety line – low V

This Airush red safety line is for all low Y, 2013-2020 Airush bars. It is 1.2 meters long and fits many other bands as well such as Liquid Force, Slingshot and Peter Lynn.

This red safety line attaches at one end to the circular ring onto which your safety leash clips to. It passes through the brain quick release mechanism, through the centre of the bar and directly to the Y splitter. It’s is the elasticised piece that activates the safety release when you activate the system on the Brain quick release. It can suffer wear as it slides through the bar, and should be replaced periodically depending on use.

The Airush red safety line will fit the Core, Access, Ultra, Progression, Diamond, Analog(Analogue) and Smart bars plus many more, check with us if you are unsure


Stainless ring not included.

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