Kite bridle lines, pigtails & pulleys – All brands, all models!


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Kite bridle lines, pigtails & pulleys – All brands, all models!

If you are in need of a replacement bridle line or maybe just a spare, our professional repair team can build one to your exact specification for a fraction of the price normally charged by the kite brands.

We carry stock of all the different types and colours of rope used and have pulleys/rings so can exactly match your original bridle.

As well as bridles we can also make up pigtails for the line or kite end.

Please contact us as we will either need measurements or the original bridle to copy.

Price guide:

  • 3mm dyneema bridle line with spliced and stitched loop at either end, 50cm – £8
  • 3mm dyneema bridle line with knot at either end, 50cm – £5
  • 3mm dyneema bridle pulley line with spliced and stitched loop at either end 2m – £13
  • 2mm sleeved dyneema bridle line with stitched loop at either end,  50cm –  £5
  • 4 x 2mm dyneema pigtails (photo 2) – £19.99
  • 4 x 3mm dyneema pigtails ( 2 knots, 2 loops) – £16.99
  • Rontan kite pulley, plastic wheel – £6
  • Stainless steel ring – £2

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