Mystic Bananabar Kite Spreader Bar


Mystic Bananabar kitesurf spreader bar with classic stainless steel hook and ring closure.

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Mystic Bananabar Kite Spreader Bar

The Mystic Bananabar Kite Spreader Bar comes with classic stainless steel hook and ring closure. Lighter and easier to use than the Clickerbar 4.0, the Bananabar is designed for hooked and unhooked freestyle and freeride kiters, as it has less torsional control. It features an easily accessible thumb grip movement to open the spreader bar and a foam cover for more comfort. If you’re looking for a spreader bar to take your unhooked tricks to the next level, this is the one!

Unhooked freestyle, hooked freestyle or freerider? You’ll love this spreader bar!

Spreader Bar Features

  • Multi hook
  • Quick release system
  • Low torque
  • Integrated knife pocket
  • 1, 2 & 4-Point system options
  • Leash EYE
  • Stainless steel


  • XS
  • S/M
  • L/XL

To see which size spreader bar is suitable for the harness you have, check out the Mystic size chart here. This spreader bar is designed to fit with all Mystic harnesses but will also fit some other brands. If you are unsure whether your harness is suitable for this spreader bar, feel free to give us a call.

Read our handy guide to maintaining your equipment, including your harness and spreader bar, here.



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