Nobile Kite Skim Board – 155 x 50cm


High efficiently light wind board or very affordable foil crossover.

Great for summer fun when a twin tip won’t cut it and a perfect entry to practice gybe and tacks to then ride a surfboard.

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Nobile Skim Board – 155 x 50

Used Nobile Kite Skim Board – in very good condition. This board has not seen much use and comes complete with fins. It has the option to add 2 footstraps but is usually more fun ridden without them.

These boards are unbelievably efficient in light winds, because compared to a twintip they have loads of surface area and a really flat efficient rocker.

This would also make an ideal board to attach a foil to. You could drill through the deck and bolt it straight on as it’s a full wood core with plenty of strength to handle it.

The bumpf….

Kite Skimboarding is no longer a trend; it’s part of our sport. On any given spot – on a light wind day you can probably find one or two dedicated kite skim boarders.

Ripping small waves and practising strapless tricks has never been easier. The Nobile Skim is the perfect toy to extend your time on the water and to learn new moves. It’s like kiting with a skateboard. To skate is great, but surfing is greater, and the Skim will see you chucking buckets of spray on those smaller days.

Nobile has maintained the winning shape that made Kite skim boarding accessible for everyone but has added a textured UV stable top sheet. This not only has the benefit of maintaining the good looks of your board over time but provides a non slip surface that is both easy to hold and gives extra traction should your feet be off the pads at any time.

The Nobile kite specific skim board is designed to be an inexpensive addition to your board bag that adds to your time on the water by working on the days when you wouldn’t normally be able to ride.

With it’s parallel sided outline and optional fins on the board to enable better tracking and more stable riding whilst still maintaining a free and loose feel.

The Nobile Wood Skim is also loaded with Nobile Pre-Stress technology. During the production process, Nobile “freeze and store” the energy in the board construction. This energy is then for your disposal just when you need it. It benefits with more pop, fast reaction, better grip, manoeuvrabiliy and anything you want to use it for. This technology also allows Nobile to make the Wood Skim lighter than ever.

Ride with or without fins depending on your preference. With – providing positive tracking, better upwind ability and easier riding, without – for a skatier feel and the ability to ride in incredibly shallow water.

Conventionally, skim boards offer incredible light wind performance but can be a handful if the water is choppy or the wind increases.

Pre-Stress Technology:
The idea of pre-stress was already know by architects in ancient Rome and was used during the construction of the Colosseum. Pre-stressing means the intentional creation of permanent stresses in structure for the purpose of improving its performance under various service conditions.

Nobile Pre-Stress allows Nobile to load the board with energy already during the production process. Storing the energy in the board mean’s it’s more reactive, responsive and livelier. It also allows Nobile to build a thinner but more durable board!

Optional Fins:
The Nobile Skimboard features optional fins. Traditional skimboard riders and those blessed with glassy flat water conditions will love the skatey feel of the board when finless. However, if you ride in “real” world, imperfect conditions, the fins add immense amounts of grip through chop and makes landings easier.

Nobile Fin Shims:
No matter how carefully you ride, anyone can have an accidental contact with the beach or other solid objects. As well as ruining a good session, the resulting damage and / or fin loss can be frustrating. Nobile’s new Fin Shims distribute the load placed on the heads of the screws, across the wider surface of the deck of the board, protecting your board from damage in all but the most extreme situations. Nobile have increased the length of the fin screws, ensuring deeper penetration into the fins, reducing the chance of fin loss, or damage even further.

Nobile Skim Features:

  • Optional fins means you can choose a traditional skatey feel or opt for more grip and ease of use.
  • Unparalleled light wind performance
  • 130 x 50.5cm

Who is the board designed for:

Its the equivalent of a light wind insurance policy thats guaranteed to put a smile on your face whenever you ride it. A Nobile Skim Board ensures every trip to the beach can be enjoyed to the full, no matter what the conditions.

**Price includes fins**

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