North Nova Light Wind

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The all-new North Nova Light Wind has the power to unlock borderline sessions, lift you up instantly in the lightest wind and keep you on the foil for longer

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North Nova Light Wind

Waiting for wind? The all-new North Nova Light Wind has the power to unlock borderline sessions, lift you up instantly in the lightest wind and keep you on the foil for longer. Its deep profile and ultra-stiff frame provide the most efficient power delivery per m2, carrying you through the lulls and converting the slightest puff into powerful forward momentum. Engineered to feel as light as possible, the Nova Light Wind has balanced load distribution and lift for easier gybes, tacks and low-speed transitions. Rigid GripLock micro-trim handles deliver a more immediate response. Its refined compact outline and rounded wingtips help reduce tip-strike, and the manageable span width is tailored to fit every rider. Go by height to choose just one Nova Light Wind size for your quiver, and end the wait for wind
We were very impressed by this wing, is is constructed from very high spec, lightweight materials and feels very light in your hands. It is easy to manouver with the low weight and compact design.


  • Efficient deep powerful profile
  • Ultra-stiff frame
  • Refined design
  • Rigid GripLock microtrim control handles
  • Balanced load distribution
  • Compact span width tailored to your height (choose wing size by rider size)
  • Rounded wing tips for reduced tip strike


  • Durable Dacron Frame
  • N-HTRS Canopy

Wing, Wing Leash, Bag, Compression Strap, Repair Kit

North Nova Light Wind Features

Super efficient power delivery

The Nova Light Wind has a deep profile and stiff frame to enable the most efficient power delivery per m2. Our main focus for the Nova Light Wind
design was to get you up and riding, without needing to pump hard. To get you up on the plane and keep you there as long as possible,
through even the zero knot lulls. The framing of the wing is very stiff and reactive.
When you pull with your back arm, the wing delivers direct power and drives you forward.

Rounded wingtips for reduced tip strike

The Nova Light Wind has a compact outline with rounded wingtips for reduced tip strike. The lower aspect ratio and reduced span width means you’re less likely to catch a wingtip in the water. The curvature in the wingtips means that if you do touch the water, only a small part of the wing tip will make the contact. This creates less drag and improves your chance of recovery.

Rigid Griplock micro-trim handles

Radically transform the way you ride with increased control and reduced hand fatigue. The rigid trim handles offer an immediate, direct response and balance adjustment. The two handlebars are wrapped in a soft EVA comfort grip. Their lengths lets you slide your hands into optimum trimming position so you can instantly control the wing’s pitch, yaw and roll, while keeping your body positioned perfectly over the foil. More freedom in your hand placement allows you to choose the best fell based on the conditions, your arm length and your body size, and makes transitions more intuitive.

Refined design

We’ve stripped all the scuff guards, used the lightest bladders and engineered this wing to feel as light as possible. While there will always be size and weight limitations on such a big wing, how it weighs on the beach is not a a representation of how it flies on the water. The Nova LW handles like a much smaller wing.

Balanced load distribution

Balanced load distribution and lift for easier gybes, tacks and low – speed transitions. We’ve concentrated the weight in the centre of the wing, keeping the tips and canopy light for effortless manoeuvres and low swing weight.

Choose only one wing size

You only need one Nova Light Wind in your quiver. The span width is tailored to be manageable for different riders, so choose the wing best for your size. The 8m is suited to a heavier rider while the 6m is more to a lighter rider. Every size is optimised for max low end ability.

Aerodynamic Trailing Edge

Travel upwind easily. Our trailing edge technology creates a better laminar airflow and more directly exit for the wind than a tight trailing edge. Testing has showed us that if a wing has a tighter trailing edge it creates a hook, which gives more backhand pressure, but also wants to pull you downwind instead of progressing you forward.

HyperFlow Rapid Inflation/Deflation System

High volume single point infaltion system with larger diameter inlet/outlet hose for rapid inflation and deflation. The bayonet style main inflation valve is compatible with most pumps – no adapter needed.

Durable dacron frame and high-performance N-HTRS canopy

Chasing a stiffer rig, we’ve used an ultra strong high tenacity dacron for the inflated structures, resulting in less deflection and movement and a stiffer overall frame during flight. The lower stretch material keeps the shape clean and undisturbed under load. We’ve also built stiffness into the design through the load distribution on the frame when in use. The canopy is constructed using North High Tenacity Ripstop polyester yarn canopy material for lightness, high tear strength and longevity.


Read our handy guide on how to look after your equipment here.

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