North Orbit 2022



SPECIAL OFFER – Nearly 35% off!

Just like the previous years The North Orbit is still the top of it’s game, guaranteeing superb hangtime and retaining it’s crown at the King of the Air.

So easy to use allowing all levels of riders to make the most of it’s performance and increase your jumping (and landing) ability!


  • Freeride | Big Air | kiteloops
  • Five strut design
  • New lightweight bladder material
  • New lightweight N-75 construction
  • Fine tuned thinner bridles for extra efficiency.

Even better hangtime!

It’s still our favourite big air kite ever made…..

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North Orbit Kite 2022



Tested by nature and proven on the podium. 2020 & 2021 Red Bull King of the Air winning kite.

“Megaloops on a 12? I have so much trust in this kite, in every condition.” – Nick Jacobsen


SPECIAL OFFER – 6m – Nearly 35% off!


The latest edition of  the North Orbit has been refined to further its already superb performance. Last year it confirmed its place as the king of the air champion by being the winning kite for the 2nd year in a row.

The new materials used in it’s construction offer a lighter overall kite and thinner more efficient bridles, which help the kite rise up at the end of loops and zip across the sky for boosting. This also helps with it’s upwind ability and light wind flying, handy for when the storm passes and you want to head back in.

A kite for all levels which will be sure to increase your boosting ability and float down for a smoother landing.

Our thoughts on the North Orbit Kite 2022

The North Orbit has been our favourite boosting kite since it was release initially in 2020. In the last 15 years we’ve not found a kite which goes as high and with as much hang time as the Orbit. It’s easy to jump high because the kite generates so much lift. Pull in the bar and off you go!

With good technique you can go to the moon with this and even with bad technique you’ll jump higher than you ever have before.

It’s loops really well as for a flat relatively high aspect kite it’s very fast turning which it’s rivals such as the Core XR6, North Rebel and Ozone Edge aren’t able to.

The kite has a really nice overall feel. When pumped properly it’s very solid in the sky and absorbs gusts without wobbly or deforming.

The wind range is enormous, our demo 8m can get going in about 18 knots as it has a very good low end but we’ve taken it out over 40 knots without any problems at all.

The construction is good as with most modern kites. It uses top end materials and have bumper and wear strips in the right places.

We know that the rider has a big impact on how they perform in the King Of The Air but we’re pretty certain this kite gave a fairly major advantage.

The North Orbit is also really efficient for foiling and freeriding. The only area it’s not so great is wave riding due to the design and what it’s aimed at.

Overall we’ve been nothing but impressed with the North range since they launched and can’t recommend this kite highly enough for anyone into big air, high winds or foiling.



The North Orbit 2022 stays true to its iconic five strut construction and super clean North design in three different colors: Marine Green, Pacific Blue and Red Sea. Of course, the beloved characteristics have also been preserved in this 2022 model of the North Orbit.

With the North Orbit 2022 you will still be able to jump to unkown heights with great ease. The open 5-strut design ensures that you slowly land back on earth with a lot of hang time. Plenty of time for single, double, or even three double backrolls. You think of it, the North Orbit 2022 will make it possible! Are you a more advanced kitesurfer and ready for your first kiteloops? Even then you will be surprised by the performance of the North Orbit 2022.

This five strut kite is surprisingly fast and pulls very comfortable kiteloops where you don’t have to worry that the North Orbit 2022 will drop you from the sky. Before you know it, the North Orbit 2022 complete the loop and is ready to catch you.


The upgrades of the new North Orbit 2022 are found in the details, but it is precisely the details that make the North Orbit 2022 such a great kite. That is why the bridle setup has been adjusted a little bit. In addition, the overall weight of the North Orbit 2022 has been reduced. This is due to a new lightweight N-75 construction and a lighter bladder material.

The combination of the modified bridle setup and the lighter weight of the new North Orbit 2022 improves the overall performance of the kite. You will also notice that the new 2022 Orbit steers faster, catches you better after a kiteloop and flies more easily in low-wind conditions. But of course the North Orbit loves strong winds and gigantic big air the most!


Just like last year, the new North Orbit 2022 is made of a premium Teijin D2 Techno Force ripstop canopy. You can easily adjust the bar pressure of the Orbit on the tips. To extend the life of the Orbit, the Orbit is provided with Kevlar reinforcements in vulnerable places.

In short, are you looking for a kite with a focus on freeride, big air and kiteloops? Then the North Orbit 2022 is definitely a kite for you. The Orbit 2022 offers you more than enough hantime to add hooked tricks to your tricktionary and enough confidence to pull crazy kiteloops.


  • Freeride | Big Air | kiteloops
  • Five strut design
  • D2 Teijin Ripstop canopy
  • 4-line kite
  • Low V
  • New lightweight bladder material
  • New lightweight N-75 construction
  • Fine tuned bridles
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • Adjustable bar pressure
  • Thin bridles

Kite, Bag, Repair Kit


Read our handy guide on how to look after your equipment here.


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North Orbit 2022 Kite

North Orbit 2022 Kite

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