Kitesurf Lessons South East England

The Kitesurf Centre is based in Camber, East Sussex, and teaches at beaches in South East England. The location was chosen due to the fantastic wind statistics, the variety of suitable beaches and the easy transport from London and Brighton.

The South East countryside is amongst the most beautiful in England, with an abundance of SSSI and SPA sites, nature reserves and blue flag rated beaches.

Kitesurfing School South East England

kitesurf centre camber south east england

The Kitesurf Centre’s school and shop is located at Kite Beach, Camber Sands, one of the most famous beaches for kitesurfing in England. The beach is within an ‘SPA’ (Special Protected Area) and the beach is blue flag rated, and was recently voted in the top 10 most beautiful places in England.

So, as well as being a fantastic place for lessons in kitesurfing, kitebuggying and stand up paddleboarding (to name a few!) the area is great for families and friends on holiday; there’s plenty to see and great places to stay even if you don’t go in the sea!

Beaches in the South East

dungeness peninsula south east england

There are lots of beaches in the South East of England which are suitable for kitesurfing. Arguably the best and most well-known are Camber Sands and Greatstone, the two beaches that The Kitesurf Centre teaches at. These beaches, both on the famous Dungeness Peninsula, were chosen for several reasons, including:

  • Some of the best wind stats in the country
  • Warm, thermal winds from the channel
  • Opposite facing, giving the ability to teach in any wind direction
  • Wide, flat beaches with wide areas of waist deep water
  • Good public transport links


With two large, sandy beaches, miles of open sea and an abundance of local rivers, The Kitesurf Centre is uniquely situated to offer a wide range of lessons and courses in kitesurfing, kitebuggying, landboarding, stand up paddleboarding and hydrofoiling.

There really is no better place to try out these fantastic sports, no matter what your level. Conditions are great for both beginner and advanced riders and the kiting community here is possibly the best in the South East, or even England!

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