13m Ozone Frenzy FYX depower foil kite


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Ozone Frenzy FYX depowerable foil kite – 13m


Fantastic depower foil kite for snowkiting, kite landboarding, kite buggy or flying on the land for training.

Depower foils work in the same way as kitesurf kite, being flown using a depower bar enabling you to adjust the power of the kite and give you a lot more control and wind range.

The Ozone Frenzy is probably the most well know depowerable foil kite on the market. It is a great all rounder, with good stability as well as performance, used by beginners and pros alike. Great when learning and even for your first depower kite flying but also has good performance for taking snowkiting or landboarding. Always popular when people use it on our snowkite trips as it has smooth power delivery, responsive turning, good wind range and upwind ability, plus it great on the lower wind days to get you out riding.


Used on our annual snowkite trip for a few sessions each year so in perfect condition. Completely clean, bright and crispy, it could nearly be sold as new. Never been on the beach, just used on the snow so very clean and fresh.

4 line set up

It can be flown using any kitesurf bar or depower foil bar. We have both used and new for sale with various price ranges, please contact us if you would like to check if a particular bar will work with this kite.


The Ozone Frenzy has been the good friend of many Snowkiters across the globe and since its introduction the Frenzy has set the standard. Chasta has taken the Frenzy to three world titles and has pushed the boundaries of the sport with this kite further than most of us can imagine. This season the FYX comes to you as that good friend you know but has some new features that really set it off.

The Ozone Frenzy FYX has a thinner profile to allow it to fly faster and extend the de-power range, make it more efficient and better upwind. The bridles have been minimised by removing the D lines, helping to reduce drag and increase performance and speed. Ozone have worked extensively on the handling resulting in lighter bar pressure and faster turning.

An increased number of cells (and reduced cell width) allow more control of the upper and lower surfaces. More cells also help reduce the amount of billowing (ballooning) of the cells, resulting in cleaner surfaces and better overall performance.

The “Link” line is a new addition this year to the Frenzy. This line connects both sides of the Speed System together to maintain the correct distance between both sides of the kite. This “Link” line therefore controls the tension transmitted through the kite which aids stability.

These improvements add to the performance of the kite in all aspects; faster smoother direct handling, more power produced throughout the speed range, better stability and more de-power than ever before.

The new flying line Y system helps the handling and again reduces drag even further. There is also the addition of the X line which helps reduce the chance to bowtie the kite. The new kite is still a low down grunt kite which produces power just by putting it in the air but it is smoother, faster and lighter to handle.

The Ozone Frenzy FYX now comes with the technically advanced Ozone “Speed System” with a double pulley on each side that allows the angle of attack (D-Power) to be changed minutely which results in the smoothest progression from full power to full D-Power.

The Double Pulley speed system is designed to work in harmony with the bridle plan, sail tension and profile. The balance of the design is what makes the mid-aspect Ozone Frenxy FYX such a solid performer with un-beatable stability, turning speed, low end power and impressive D-Power.

Ozone Frenzy FYX features include:

  • Huge Depower range – Speed system provides amazing progressive power increase ability with gust spilling depower.
  • Double Pulley Speed System giving mental D-Power range and faster turning speed
  • X-Line: Anti Tangle system in Bridles
  • New brake fan design to ensure a cleaner and easier landing stall
  • Clean aerodynamic profile – No wrinkles, perfection in manufacture and design.
  • Highest grade materials used throughout the kite and bar system to certified paraglider standards and bullet proof re-enforcement in high stress areas.
  • Fast turning with constant power.
  • Open Celled depower foil – No Hassles launching or landing in light or strong winds.
  • Ozone stuff sack backpack with room for 2 kites
  • Simple and easy to launch or land without assistance – Just unwind and GO.
  • Perfect bar pressure with direct and responsive handling producing insane POP.
  • “Butt hole” – Velcro opening in outside cells to allow easy removal of debris.
  • Highest quality 40d nylon rip-stopmaterial with bullet proof re-enforcement
  • Sleeved bridles (Un-sleeved bridles stretch and snow/ice forms creating problems).


If you are looking for a kite to use on the land to improve your kite skills a depower foil is great as it can be easily launched and landed by yourself, is very quick to set up (no pumping required!),  is extremely stable, especially at the edges of the wind window and can be flown in much lighter winds.

Off course it is also ideal for snowkiting and kite landboarding or buggy as it gives you much more control and range than a standard fixed bridle foil kite and is more durable and safe on the land than an LEI (inflatable kitesurf kite)


The Ozone Frenzy 13m is available to demo and if you come and collect it from the centre we can give you an introduction on how to set it up and use it.

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