RRD Maquina V3



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Classic wave board – Amazing ride…..Fast, super responsive with tight, smooth & grippy carving



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RRD Maquina V3


The RRD Maquina V3 is a classic thruster, the one you want to be riding when you want to have a total reliable shape that will never let you down. An extension of your mind and eyes to draw lines on the waves. The new RRD Maquina V3 is a pure surfboard, with the perfect flex and feel which will get you to where you want to be at any given time.

The super thin profile throughout, paired with the thin rails, nose to tail, allow this stick to be ridden powered and to have the maximum amount of control at high speeds.

Although this surfboard board has all the drive you need for speed, the flat rounded squash tail releases instantly due to a progressive rocker; thus allowing for precise control over the direction of the board in any situation.

Blink if you dare, you might miss an unforgettable moment of joy with  this wave riding machine.


The RRD Maquina V3 is Thomas’ favourite surfboard due to its super responsive ride and effortless carving. If you are looking for that classic surfy feel, this is the best board available



  • Thin rails from nose to tail
  • Super thin profile throughout
  • Deep concave throughout the entire board with a flat, kicked tail, released with by a progressive rocker
  • Strictly thruster fin setup for pure, essential, radical turns in any wave size
  • Rounded squash tail to allow a precise control of the direction with your foot placed all the way back
  • Supplied with 11 x stomp hexagonal micro deck pads to customize your deck grip in between front and rear pads.


Accessories & Options

Delivered with front pad included

Option to add thruster (x3) fins:


RRD Maquina V3 surfboard Technology

Classic construction

Blank: CNC PU Core with lightweight stringer.
Layup: Silmar polyester resin for layup and Reichold resin for finishing E and S X-cel® glass bottom and deck layup.
Reinforcements: Horizontal fibers bamboo deck patch with Biaxial glass heel reinforcement patches.
Boxes: Future boxes with HD PVC reinforcement blocks.


Ltd Carbon construction

The LTD construction was introduced two years ago on our surf and SUP board range. Built with a lightweight technology that allows flex, control, and scoop-rocker line accuracy. The board is built with a CNC EPS core of 20 kgs/m3 density, then laminated with 200 grms biaxial glass fibers and finished with a 55 grams carbon net over a bamboo stepping deck vacuum glued onto the board at 90 compared to the stringer length so as to avoid excessive stiffness onto the board flex.

So this construction is slightly lighter than the Classic PU, for about 300-400 grams, but the difference is not as much the weight, but it is stronger and has the EPS foam core. The EPS core makes the board more buoyant because the foam retains more air. The boards in the LTD construction feel alive! Not only because of their light weight, but mainly due to the added floatation. These boards were created specifically to ride strapless and are ideal for strapless freestyle. They are meant for riders that want a lightweight board that can also be controlled at high speeds.


RRD Maquina V3 Specs





Roberto Ricci Designs


Additional information

Weight3 kg

5'9'', 5'11'', 6'1'', 5'9''Ltd, 5'11'' Ltd

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