Airush Ultra V4 Kite & Board package 2021

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Best Value for money Kite Package – Save £850!!! 

Including: Ultra V4 Kite, Kiteboard with straps & pads, Airush Core Bar, Airush Team Harness, Kite Safety Leash, Pump, Manual and Repair Kit!

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Airush Ultra V4 Kite & Board package 2021

The Ultra and Kiteboard package brings the acclaimed performance of one of our favourite freeride kites with a choice of equally high quality twin tip boards. Performance oriented but very easy to use, together with a top of the range harness for all riding styles.

The Board is complete, supplied with straps, pads, handle and fins

Airush Team Harness – Please order size using the drop down menu

Package complete with Airush Core Bar & lines, Pump, Leash, Kite bag, Manual and Repair kit


Huge saving of £850!!


Airush Ultra V4 2021 Kitesurf Kite

With amazing smooth power, efficiency, stability, responsive steering, lightweight, ease of use and very durable construction. The Airush Ultra V4 2021 is simply the perfect kite for freeriders.

The Airush Ultra V4 is a lightweight single strut geometry kite with increased canopy tension & rigidity to increase responsiveness.

  • Revolutionary lightwind freeride design.
  • Unique combination of stability & responsive drive.
  • High performance lightweight single strut geometry.

The Airush Ultra has yet again proven to be unbeatable for freeride performance, foiling, and wave riding alike. The exclusive Airush Load Frame, segmentation reduction through the canopy, and lightweight single strut geometry. All contributing to increase the durability and responsiveness.

We have chosen to use the Ultra in our school and hire fleet since it was first released a few years ago. It is ideal for all the different levels of riders who come to our kitesurf school. With the best relaunch on the market, responsive turning, smooth power delivery and amazing low wind ability. Flying well in winds when others are struggling. The  top end is also fantastic, thanks to the solid shape and bridle layout, giving it lots of depower. Not to mention the extremely high quality construction and aramid load frame producing excellent durability and longevity.

Ideal for the rider that spends countless hours on the water, the Ultra offers premium freeride versatility while remaining predictable and stable in the air. The focus on wingtip and strut layout in conjunction with the Delta Hybrid design ensures the quickest response through the air as well as an instant relaunch. The Airush Ultra V4 Kite & Board Package is the perfect set up for an level of rider in any condition.

Key Features

Lightweight Single Strut Geometry

The Ultra V4 is designed to maintain its shape and responsiveness by maximising the benefits of the unique Airush Load Frame. The balanced geometry combines canopy curve, leading edge sweep and a specific trailing edge concave. By reducing the number of struts and combining this with WebTech smart reinforcing the weight of the Ultra V4 is minimised. This enables a greater level of performance in all wind conditions and allows us to push the boundaries of light wind performance.

Airush Load Frame v4

The Airush Load Frame, featuring WebTech, has been the key to setting the ultimate benchmark in durability. By expanding the exclusive Load Frame with WebTech, we are able to minimize or completely remove the heavier fabric. In addition, utilizing the ballistic high-modulus polyethylene web fibers instead, increases strength and minimizes weight.

Integrated High Modulus Polyethylene Yarns

2020 Airush Wave V9

Central to the concept of the Load Frame are the lightweight Ultra High Modulus yarns. For instance, each single yarn can carry 40kg. Think of them as a lightweight web with engineered energy absorption under load, similar to a spider web. These yarns are integrated into the canopy through reinforced taping that allows them to elongate when under extreme load. This absorbs most of the shock that traditionally would have run through the canopy. At the same time, they carry the primary load of the canopy, preventing stretch and increasing long-term performance.


WebTech minimises or replaces the traditional Dacron reinforcing by channeling the broader loads into the Load Frame. Through a web “sub frame” of ultra-high-molecular polyethylene (Ultra High Modulus). This is featured in key areas such as the primary attachment points on the leading edge or the rear attachment points. While also being used to support structural components such as the center strut.

Technoforce D2

This premium fabric is designed with a high-density structure using high tenacity double-coated polyester yarn in a double ripstop configuration. The double coating protects the yarn as much as possible from UV and abrasion damage. This ensures that the canopy remains as crisp and responsive for as long as possible. This exceptional material is used in conjunction with the Airush Load Frame. Resulting in the ultimate combination of durability and performance.

V3.2 Bridle System

The key benefit of the V3.2 bridle is that the kite maintains steering even when completely de-powered, increasing the usable wind range and overall performance significantly, while adding immense safety benefits. The positioning of the bridle attachment points on the LE of the kite, combined with the V pulleys result in lighter steering, but direct enough to feel where your kite is while riding. Further refinements have allowed us to reduce the length of the bridles, while maintaining the performance characteristics. The Airush Pulleys are made of tough Zytel material for high strength and resistance to abrasion and impact, the Airush Pulley has the pigtails hole directionally correct to eliminate bridle wear. With a breaking strength of 550 kg, the Airush pulley was designed specifically for use on all Airush kites.

Airush Bumpers

Airush bumpers are found throughout the leading edge of the kites to reduce wear and increase durability on rough surfaces. Also these bumpers are key for increasing the lifespan of Airush kites.

XL Inflate/Deflate Valve

The XL Inflate/Deflate Valve features an insanely easy and fast way to inflate and deflate your kite. The large opening creates maximum flow of air and reduces fatigue and stress on your pump. This in conjunction with the Airush High Velocity pump makes inflating your kite extremely fast to get you on the water as quickly as possible.

Kevlar Reinforcement

Kevlar, found in bulletproof vests, is found throughout the Airush kites. These Kevlar Reinforcements are only put in the most critical areas to protect from wearing. Even so, this also minimises weight which affects the kites performance.


The oversized SPS valve (Single Point Inflation System) optimises inflation and deflation. The Fast Bladder Inflation (FBI) increased wall thickness and oversized diameter tubing eliminates tube kink. The SPS cover supports the tubing, further limiting UV damage to the material and preventing over flexing when packing.

Lightweight Compact Kitebag

Even the kitebag has been optimised. Using premium lightweight Ripstop nylon (mountaineering technology) to create a unique bag that folds into its own pocket and weighs less than 250gm.



In this Airush Ultra Kite & Board package we have put together some board options which fit perfectly with the kite to make a fantastic set up. Please click the links for more information and feel free to contact us if you would like some advise on the best choice:

Airush Livewire 138 x 41 or 142 x 43

2021 Duotone Gonzales 138 x 41.5

2021 Cabrinha Spectrum 140 x 42

2020 North Prime 138 x 41 or 141 x 42

2021 North Prime 148 x 44

2020 Shinn Pinbot 141 x 44

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