Duotone Evo 2021 & Select KiteBoard Full Package – Save £550!

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High quality freeride kite, bar & lines,  leash, pump and board package for all levels in all conditions – Huge savings!


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Duotone Evo 2021 Full Equipment Package


Duotone Evo Kite, plus Duotone Select Kiteboard complete with straps & pads, Trust Bar & lines, leash Pump and kite bag!

We have other packages with different board options HERE

Huge discount up to £550!!
We have put together an amazing value kitesurf package to get you out on the water with great savings over individually bought items and this Evo and Select combo is a fantastic all rounder set up suited to all levels in all disciplines!

Duotone Evo Package – What is included:

2021 Duotone Evo kite
Evo kite bag
2021 Duotone Select complete with straps & pads, handle & fins
2021 Duotone Trust bar & lines
2021 Duotone kite leash
Kite pump (colours may vary)
Repair kit

Add Mystic Majestic X Carbon Hard shell harness with Stealth spreader bar for only £349 (RRP £419)!!!


2021 Duotone Evo Kite

The Duotone Evo was our most popular kite in 2020 and it’s been improved on once again. Following on from the designs of the Duotone Dice 2020, the Evo now has a completely pulley free bridle for ultimate feedback from the kite and better predictability.

The fixed bridle has led to a more compact leading edge design which allows it to harness more energy for higher jumps but it’s more noticeable during kiteloops as the kite doesn’t deform or twist at all. This really is a complete game changer.

The Ultimate Freeride Kite

We were so pleasantly surprised in testing; the kite climbs out of loops even when underpowered, it’s fast, responsive and drifts well on the waves. There are very few kites than can claim to be at the top of their game across all disciplines, but this is one of them.

Along with the rest of the Duotone 2021 range, the Evo has a re-sculptured the trailing edge and changed the material. The lighter weight material is now not only tighter so it flutters less, but much lighter, so trailing edge has a lot less wear which is usually the most worn part of the kite. We can’t believe it’s taken kite manufacturers almost 20 years to solve this problem, but it looks like they finally have!

The kite has 3 settings on the steering line attachments at the kite to cover all the disciplines and these really are worth playing with as they completely change the way the kite feels and performs.


What Duotone have to say…..

The Duotone Evo 2021 is the best allrounder with an incredible wind range, precise power delivery, amazing stability and responsive handling, making it the choice for any type of conditions or riding style. Perfect choice in this kite package for all riders.

For 2021, Duotone have removed the pulleys from the bridle, this has the effect of increasing the responsiveness of the kite while still offering incredible depower.

There is also a new trailing edge design incorporating a wave pattern that drastically reduces flutter and canopy wear in this critical area.

The EVO is a delta-shaped kite designed to offer fantastic upwind performance and huge jumps. It has a dynamic turn that lends itself well to playing in the waves, and the kite is perfect for those riders looking to try their first freestyle moves too. It doesn’t matter what your style is on the water; the EVO is truly capable of handling it all.

The structural stiffness of the smaller sizes has been enhanced, making them rock solid even in gusty and strong winds. Reduced bar pressure makes the kite easy to fly and very forgiving, appealing to a lot of riders across the ability spectrum.

Sheet and go handling further enhances the rider experience, meaning the incredible performance of the EVO is available to everyone. If your riding isn’t confined to a particular discipline and you like to keep your options open for freestyle, big air and waves, then you need the EVOlution!

Evo 4 / 5 Line Control:

The Duotone Evo 2021 can be ridden on 4 or 5 line control bars, uniting new-school and free-ride in one kite. The Evo‘s delta shape offers great sheet and-go riding, excellent wind range and high de-power.

The overall shape helps the Evo turn quickly and predictably while the new bridle geometry stabilizes the arc for a soft, consistent bar feel and extreme back-stall resistance.

The 4-line mode boasts an innovative new safety system and bar-feel prefect for those who prefer soft, easy handling.

In 5-line mode the EVO additionally stabilizes the arc, providing a very direct bar-feel for new-school riding and the ultimate 5th line safety.

Auto re-launch means that you can go for it and never have to worry about re-launching your kite. Just take your hands off the bar and let the kite do the work for you!

Best Allround of the Duotone Range:
An easy jumper with massive sheet-and-go qualities, offering huge depower, powerful lift and a massive hangtime. It’s the most accessible kite for all type of riders.

Delta Kite:
The most comfortable design with a very smooth kite profile. Upwind ability is unmatched and steering performance is very forgiving.

Easy Water Relaunch:
The relaunch is very fast and easy, thanks to the Delta design the kite doesn’t stick to the water.

Three Strut Design:
A lighter kite boosts agility and increases responsiveness. Turning is fast and the feeling at the bar is very predictable and responsive.

Powerful Lift and Hangtime:
Perfect for freeride performance with explosive powerful lift and huge as well as long hangtime.


  • Good light wind performance
  • Delta-Orientated Design
  • Adaptive Tips
  • Huge Wind Range
  • Easy Unhooking Ability
  • Forgiving flying characteristics
  • Fast turning High durability
  • 4-or 5-line setup
  • Bridge Profile design
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • Solid Dacron trailing edge
  • Sizes: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14


2020 Duotone Evo kite

Click here for more information about the 2021 Duotone Evo kite

2021 Duotone Select Board

The best freeride board in our line up with the most comfortable ride in the range, the 2020 Duotone Select is there to make you look good on the water and is an ideal companion with the Duotone Evo in this  kite package.

Every kiteboarder needs a ride that makes kiting easy for them, a board to make you look good on the water. The Select is perfect for riders who want an easy to use, forgiving board that loves to cruise and carve, but can also get some fantastic pop! With a board this good every trick you try will be a keeper.

The outline offers excellent rail to rail carving, making it a great tool for learning about waves without making the jump to a surfboard. Early planing is a characteristic of this board that many riders love, it keeps going in the lulls too, ensuring you have a smooth ride whatever the wind is doing. In the chop, the soft flex helps to keep you in control at all times while taking the bumps out of the ride. Think of the Select as having its own suspension! The Space Flex Tips help to control the landings while the Carbon Beam adds torsional stiffness and ensures you always have forward drive. If you want to see your riding progress faster than ever before, jump on the Select and feel the difference, kiteboarding has never been so enjoyable!

Key Features



Board Features


The Premium Construction boards Jaime, Select and Soleil feature Carbon Beams, where parts of the glass fibre are being replaced by unidirectional carbon beams to noticeably improve the boards’ performance. This results in a faster and even more progressive flex for better pop and reduced weight.


Soft Flex boards are the most friendly and “easy to use” boards in our range. The Soft Flex option is forgiving and simply fun to ride, even if you are an unexperienced rider. However, the Soft Flex option is also suitable for more lightweight riders.


The special shape of the 3D cap allows torsion of the long axis of the board. This gives them more grip on the heel-side edge, rich and smooth landings, a direct drive and better upwind performance. Invented by Duotone.


Grab Rails for easier board off manoeuvres and comfortable general riding.


The Step Mono Concave is the fastest and easiest to ride bottom concepts. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It planes early, allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind with ease.


Space Flex adapts to the waters surface and enhances all turning characteristics.

Stiff outside frame coupled with the soft tips creates smooth water release and early planing.

Reduction in swing weight facilitates easier tricks and faster rotations.

2021 Duotone Trust bar & lines with freeride chickenloop & leash

Also included in Duotone Evo package is the renowned Duotone Trust bar with freeride chicken loop and leash. For 2021 the excellent Trust Bar has some new features while retaining some of the superior functionality that makes this one of the best 4 line bars on the market and now comes with the upgraded Flite99 lines.
The industry leading Iron Heart V safety system makes a welcome return; it has been enhanced with the addition of the Suicide Ring III. This new ring allows you to set up a suicide system while keeping the ring and the leash up and out of the way of the chicken loop. This increases your ability to quickly hook in and out after freestyle tricks.
For 2019 there wont be a separate 5th Element bar as before. Instead, you can purchase a 5th Element upgrade kit and turn the Trust Bar into a 5 line set-up.

Duotone Trust bar features

  • EVA cushioned winding post with flip-flop function for easy width adjustment
  • Integrated backline adjuster to trim lines
  • Vario cleat and sliding stopper for easy height adjustment
  • Flite99 lines – 15% less stretch,  12% stronger
  • Fully integrated EVA floater to protect lines and rider
  • Exchangeable plastic centre hole insert
  • Moulded EVA floater for safety leash prevent line tangling
  • Single front line safety on Quad control
  • Push pins for Flip Flop function
  • Huge depower and absolute safety
  • Compatible with any 4 line Duotone or North kite plus most other kites on the market

Click here for more information about the 2021 Duotone Trust bar

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