2013 season has started!

Our kite courses have kicked off for the season, conditions have been excellent, windy everyday! With these northerly winds the temperatures has been quite cold but we have bought lots of new wetsuits, boots, gloves, hoods and jackets to keep you nice and warm. This first week has been perfect, everyone has had great fun!!

Winter is here…………still kitesurfing!

It is starting to become a little chilly with these northerly winds, not keeping us out of the sea though!! Lovely strong winds all of last week and it has been sunny and windy all this week……perfect!

We are still open for lessons all the way through the winter, you will not even notice the cold with the equipment you will be supplied with: high quality thick winter wetsuits, gloves, boots, spray jackets and hood……toasty warm!

If you are thinking of venturing out by yourself and need a few extra items for the cold, pop into the centre as we have stocked up with a range of boots, gloves, hoods and jackets, plus the usual rack of warm wetsuits. Check them all out HERE


May demo days

We have a couple of demo days running during May with loads of equipment to try out. Team riders and brand reps will be here to talk about the products and offer trick and technique tips.

May 5/6/7th – Massive range of kit from RRD, Liquid Force, Cabrinha, Airush, Shinn, Juice, F-one and 77 project

May 19/20th – Liquid Force Pure Fun tour  – International pro riders and LF designer coming to Camber!

Take a look at this webpage for all the information about both events: Click here

The Snowkite Centre!

Had a good dump of snow recently and its still sitting on the beach. Nice solid NE wind today making it perfect for a snowkite session if you are brave enough!! We unfortunately had to make the most of the sunny weather to repair the cladding that was blown off the centre in the last storm. Tomorrow is looking windy again though!

Snow on camber beachSnowkite camber

Didier is the French Junior Snowkite Champion!!!!!

Our friend Didier who comes and helps out at the centre in the summer has just become the French snowkite champion. Apart from coming over here to learn English and about being a kitesurfing instructor he also visits Camber as the wind is much more consistent than where he he lives so is great for his training, for both the kitesurf competitions, and it seems the snowkite as well!  Have a look at his video below – Well done Didier!!!

Travis Rice joins the Contour camera team

Travis Rice, one of the top snowboarders it the world and best know for his Art of Flight and That’s it That’s all films has now joined the Contour camera team and I am sure will be producing some more awesome videos with these cameras.

The contours cameras have some awesome features such as the 270 degree rotating lens with laser alignment, GPS, bluetooth connection, waterproof and amazing 1080p 170 degree film quality, plus they offer some excellent mounting options in a very slick package.

There are 3 cameras in the contour range:

Contour Roam

Contour GPS

Contour +

Women’s harness

The 2012 Liquid Force Bliss women’s waist harness arrived in the other day, huge improvement this year and we think it is the best ladies specific harness we have seen as it has been designed for girls rather than just a smaller men’s version.  It is nice and flexible with soft edges and cuts right in towards the spreader bar to fit a female body well. The spreader bar is shorter than normal men’s harnesses to minimise the space taken up around your stomach to maximise movement and comfort.

2012 Liquid Force kit is here!

All the 2012 Liquid Force equipment has arrived!!!

Some of the Liquid Force Envy school kites are here ready for the spring, black, khaki and  fluoro orange this year, nice and bright!!

Lovely new 7m Liquid Force Nirvanas for ourselves, awesome kite for massive jumps and kiteloops. Riding the 2012 Liquid Force Contact board with Luxury pads and straps this year, great freestyle board that has a smooth ride so works well in choppy conditions and the pads are amazing, super comfy and great hold.

Contact us if you would like to try anything, we have loads available to demo.